Proof of Delivery: Legit

We ship from several locations depending on the product availability. We ship from Ukraine, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Philippines, Japan and China.

We publish shipping reports for our customers to be sure of our delivery. We ship dozens of packages around the world and we shall continue to update this page with new reports.

Publishing tracking numbers does not infringe any privacy rights, however they can prove that all goods shipped are received. We will not post any tracking which will disclose our clients privacy right as is the case with some other delivery service we use. As mentioned above, we use several delivery services as indicated below;

93001109246000000019938744 USA
93001109246000000017157178 USA
EMS China

LY937466427CN USA
EMS Japan

  • CN027929426JP Belarus
    EN135506736JP USA
    RX116791477JP Germany
    RX116839475JP Latvia
    EN135233330JP USA
    EN136493659JP Uganda
    RX116528963JP Spain
    EN135647671JP USA
    EN134716945JP USA
    RX116471725JP Singapore
    RX116372299JP Switzerland
    EN134499818JP USA
    RX116206359JP Bulgaria
    EN133258501JP USA
    EN134775039JP Cyprus
    RX115848586JP Czech
    RX115860851JP UK
    RX115647425JP Poland
    EN131481906JP Malaysia
    RX115585213JP Singapore
    RX115535764JP UK
    CN026688834JP Russia
    RX114976120JP Spain
    EN131081280JP Malaysia
    RX115044969JP France
    RX114866230JP Bulgaria
    RX114937903JP UK
    EN129644149JP USA
    RX114677806JP Netherlands
    RX114326875JP Singapore
    RX114383475JP UK
    RX114329488JP Poland
    RX113998089JP Italy
    RX114064233JP Ukraine
    RX113719297JP Cyprus
    EN128352977JP Malaysia
    EN127807495JP USA
    EN126886126JP Indonesia
    RX113452917JP Norway
    RX113615014JP Spain
    RX113496303JP Estonia
    RX113524812JP Czech
    RX113349923JP Thailand
    RX113469268JP Singapore
    CN025071087JP Russia
    EN126494941JP USA
    EN126223161JP USA
    RX112667783JP New Zealand
    RX112775712JP Germany
    EN126025245JP USA